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Vision Quest

I know it sounds crazy but I love to take a run in the midday heat. Yes, I can hear you—all my friends in the health and wellness industry—while you just cringe. Still, while I don’t recommend any novice doing so, I still do it. Call it a bizarre and maybe guilty pleasure. I think […]

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Make Massage a Must

There’s nothing more relaxing than a wonderful massage. It’s a treat to our bodies and believe it or not, it is a rudimentary form of exercise as it stimulates blood flow through our bodies. It’s a gift to receive this healing touch. As a busy career professional, you may think that massage may just be […]

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Awareness and Success

Professional athletes know the power of awareness. They are successful because they are disciplined in how to tap into this awareness at key moments. They have trained and trained and trained to develop the habit of tuning in and becoming completely aware. They love what they do. Amateur athletes are also successful when they are […]

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5 Tips for Work-Life Flow

We’ve all heard of the phrase “work-life balance.” But the reality is, our daily responsibilities don’t always arrive in a balanced way. According to Gallup, Americans work an average of 47 hours per week, which equates to nearly six work days. If our work doesn’t fulfill or enable us to focus on self-care, the concept […]

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Get Your Life Off Track

About two months ago I somewhat humorously, but in all sincerity, proclaimed, “I need to get my life off track!” Digitally tracking and sharing everything – from the steps we take to the books we read – is a norm for many of us in our social media society. To be fair, there was a […]

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Avoid The Lure of Distractions

We are living in a society of distractions. Between social media, email interruptions, working in cube farms, work demands, high personal and professional expectations and family obligations, not to mention the demand to be everything to everybody, we have lost our ability to graciously say “no” and turn off the news feed on what everyone […]

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The Path of Work

A carpenter’s steady grip A surgeon’s delicate fingers A plumber’s agile knees A dancer’s nimble feet.   Human beings Equal and unique Following our own calling Being of service Moving along the path of work Encouraging our world Be a saner place.   Let work’s daily routines Transform us all Give of ourselves Shape a […]

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