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A Practical Guide to Mindfulness

Mindfulness: The quality or state of being conscious or aware of something; a mental state achieved by focusing one’s awareness on the present moment, while calmly acknowledging and accepting one’s feelings and thoughts. As a practical matter, how do we achieve mindfulness? Here is a simple three step guide. First, by understanding. Second, by committing […]

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Sleep is a Healing Force

Sleep is the number one thing that people need to heal. Our bodies heal while we sleep. For me that hasn’t come easy, but I have been lucky enough to find some wonderful sound escapes, guided meditation, healing sounds and music from YouTube that help me drift off. Using some therapeutic essential oils in a […]

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5 Tips for Work-Life Flow

We’ve all heard of the phrase “work-life balance.” But the reality is, our daily responsibilities don’t always arrive in a balanced way. According to Gallup, Americans work an average of 47 hours per week, which equates to nearly six work days. If our work doesn’t fulfill or enable us to focus on self-care, the concept […]

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Get Your Life Off Track

About two months ago I somewhat humorously, but in all sincerity, proclaimed, “I need to get my life off track!” Digitally tracking and sharing everything – from the steps we take to the books we read – is a norm for many of us in our social media society. To be fair, there was a […]

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The Path of Work

A carpenter’s steady grip A surgeon’s delicate fingers A plumber’s agile knees A dancer’s nimble feet.   Human beings Equal and unique Following our own calling Being of service Moving along the path of work Encouraging our world Be a saner place.   Let work’s daily routines Transform us all Give of ourselves Shape a […]

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Turning Within

What treasures lie within Our fleshy vessel Bumping and winding Thru waves of past, present, and future times.   Our precious lifespan – a fragile boundary Dawning and setting each day Where are we going?   Moving thru space Sometimes barely standing on this blue jewel spinning in time Move inward Past our senses Delicate […]

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Desktop Zen Garden

They’re not just for decoration. Nor are they designed to give the impression that you’ve got it all mastered and you’re now a “Zen god or goddess.” What the heck are these boxes of sand all about? I asked one of my executive clients about the pretty little one that he had perched on the […]

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Take a Nap. Seriously!

Why in the world would I be writing about taking a nap while at work? That probably seems highly counterproductive to a successful career. For many of my clients, especially those who work on Wall Street, in a hospital setting, law firm or bank, it seems ludicrous. You’re probably rolling your eyes right now thinking: […]

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Replace Hurt With Compassion

Any mental health professional will tell you how bad it is for your health to hold a grudge. Well, to be honest, any medical professional and human being would encourage you to free yourself from the weight of animosity. Simply put: it could save your life. Researchers at Hope College in Holland, Michigan say forgiveness […]

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