Discipline seems to be one of those works that I crave from afar. Sure I have discipline in my life but it’s not always where I really want (and need) it to be.

Something about tagging discipline to healthy habits has an obvious correlation but somewhat of a negative feel. And of course, if you put too much discipline in your life, then you’re not having any fun, right? Still, not enough and you may regret the undone or overdone.

So back to discipline. It’s important to maintain good health. We can live on junk food just because we crave it and still expect to stay healthy. The same goes for your career. You can’t slack off or disregard your deadlines or even ignore others and still expect to be successful. While discipline is a must in order to survive (yes that’s right) and to be successful, don’t feel that it’s a negative thing. Instead, take it slow and look at where you need to infuse a little more discipline in your career (and life).

Then take measures to help you get there, one baby step at a time.

Here are some areas that may crave more discipline for a healthy career:

  1. Meeting Deadlines
  2. Prioritizing What Really Matters Versus Tasks
  3. Follow Up And Follow Through
  4. Personal Development
  5. Building Mutually Beneficial Relationships
  6. Leaving Work at Work
  7. Shutting Down Electronics From Time To Time
  8. Avoiding Distractions
  9. Avoiding Being a Distraction
  10. Time Management

Pick one to get started on today!

Kim Monaghan, PCC, RYT, CPBS is the owner of KBM Coaching & Consulting LLC, a boutique Human Resources Consulting and Career Coaching Firm serving a national clientele. 

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*Always consult with your physician prior to experimenting with any exercises, recipes, health advice and nutrition initiatives shared in this blog.