The Path of Work

The Path of Work

A carpenter’s steady grip

A surgeon’s delicate fingers

A plumber’s agile knees

A dancer’s nimble feet.


Human beings

Equal and unique

Following our own calling

Being of service

Moving along the path of work

Encouraging our world

Be a saner place.


Let work’s daily routines

Transform us all

Give of ourselves

Shape a kinder world.


Different skills we offer

Reducing us to equals

We all desire the same–

Happiness and wanting to reduce discomfort

Let us serve a greater good

Our common welfare can come first.

Our paths of work

Fill the sky with a vast rainbow

Each color shows a range of pay

Reflecting a beauty of talents

No one more gifted than another

We support each other

Along the way.


Let  work

Humble us

No matter poor or rich

We depend on each other

It’s possible to help our world thrive.


Work mirrors life

Such little control over who and what we encounter

A constant emerges—our state of mind

It shapes the choices we make

Minute by minute our life unfolds.


Dive deep into an inner path of work

We shape our work

As our work shapes us.

Let’s become more caring and unselfish.

Greed divides us all.


Stop drawing divisions between

Work and life

We are the crafters of both

Freedom shines

Right where we work and live.

by John Fulan.

John Fulan is a marriage and family therapist and Buddhist practitioner living in San Diego. His poems can be found at All rights reserved. John Fulan


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