Build a Well-Rounded Career

Build a Well-Rounded Career

Do you remember filling out your college applications? Along with your G.P.A. and essays there were questions about your extracurricular activities. The emphasis was on finding out whether or not you were well-rounded.

The same is true for your career.

Recruiters and decision makers are always keeping their eyes out for professionals who’ve built a well-rounded career—one that includes personal expression, professional development, volunteer work, project and program initiatives and of course, a resume peppered with honors and opportunities.

Recently, I conducted a survey of my clients and followers asking them what topics they are interested in learning more about. One of those is how to “Live a Beautiful Life.”

Don’t we all want this?

But what’s interesting here is their pursuits to live a beautiful life amped up their resumes. By actively exploring their interests through volunteering, creative pursuits, hobbies, side hustles, and community projects, they created well-rounded careers.

Both men and women alike desire to live a beautiful life inside and out. It takes patience, simplicity, giving, listening, caring and surrounding yourself with positive people. Ironically, in doing so, you are becoming well-rounded and building a lengthy list of transferable skills to be highlighted on your resume.

It takes time and practice, and sometimes help, to artfully “beautify” your world. And it requires intention and self-awareness to become well-rounded.

I’m taking time this week to cut out the clutter and negativity and I’m finding ways to add a little “beauty” to my conversations, my surroundings and my world. I invite you to experiment in the same way and see what happens. As you grow your healthy career, think about cultivating a wide arc of engagement and experiential “transferrable” activities. Especially if you’re in the market for a new career. 

If you were reading your resume, what would you learn about you?

What are your interests and impact?

As you live your beautiful life, what skills can you bring to your workplace?

If you’ve found yourself stuck in a bit of a silo the last few years, perhaps it’s time to get out and live a beautiful life and build your well-rounded career.

Kim Monaghan, PCC, RYT, CPBS is a published author, creative and corporate writer. Learn more about her books and works at

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