Fun at the Farmer’s Market

Emma Watterson

Fun at the Farmer’s Market

I just love the farmer’s market! I love knowing that the food was grown close to my home, that it’s extra fresh and free of chemicals, and that I can talk to the farmers who grew it. It also reminds me of my childhood, since my parents used to be farmers and sold vegetables and baked goods at a local farmers market!

Often times the farms welcome visitors, so it’s easy to add excitement to my life by planning visits to farms that I’ve never been to. They’re all so unique in what they look like, how they function, and even what foods they grow that it’s worth it to go to more than one!

I especially love to take trips with my family so we can all be up close and personal with the farmers and the food.

It’s such a change from going to the store and hoping that a food label isn’t hiding something from me. There’s also more community and honesty in going to a farm that I really appreciate.

Another great thing about visiting a farm is that you always leave with fresh-picked food! There are various options to pick from, too.

U-Pick: This is where you show up with your gloves, pick what you want, and then pay by the pound. Generally, farms have set hours for this option, which might be multiple days a week or even just once a month. I recommend going to their website or calling in advance to check on the dates, though you likely don’t need reservations. 

CSA (Community Supported Agriculture): With this option, you prepay a lump sum (based on how much food you’ll want for your family size) before the season and then pick up weekly baskets of fresh foods, usually at the farm or at the farmer’s market. Some farms will even offer multiple foods to pick from, so you’re guaranteed to head home with something that you’ll enjoy.  

Buy Fresh Picked Options: If you’re not interested in picking your own food or buying a weekly basket, then you’ll enjoy seeing the farm in action and then buying something that was picked that same day. It’s a great way to create a more relaxing farm visit, while still reaping the fresh benefits!

To find local farms and farmers markets near you, check out Local Harvest. I hope y’all plan at least one farm visit this year and pretend like you’re a tourist in your own city! It will be so much fun!!

Emma Watterson is a civilian government employee for the Navy’s Environmental Division and a holistic health coach. As a coach, she loves helping other busy parents and professionals to balance their home and work life through simple self-care techniques so they can live a happier and healthier life they deserve.  

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