Get Your Life Off Track

Get Your Life Off Track

About two months ago I somewhat humorously, but in all sincerity, proclaimed, “I need to get my life off track!”

Digitally tracking and sharing everything – from the steps we take to the books we read – is a norm for many of us in our social media society. To be fair, there was a time when tracking added value to my life. I’d jog in place before bed to get those last 100 steps to hit my daily goal. I’d make sure to finish that book ASAP to be on target for my yearly goal. It was fun and motivating and perfect for the season I was in.

Then I became a mother.

With a full heart and a full schedule, tracking no longer felt like fun. It felt like a chore. One more to-do that I wasn’t always doing. It was an unneeded source of anxiety.

So, I stopped tracking.

Forever? Probably not.

I can see tracking my steps to participate in a pedometer challenge at work. That would be fun and help me engage with my colleagues. I may track the books I read again, without the self-imposed pressure of a yearly goal. I miss the conversations that developed online about books I loved.

Whatever I choose to do in the future, taking a break has been a healthy experiment in knowing if, or when, I will track.

Does tracking add value to your life?

Does it make sense for the season of life that you’re in?

I encourage you to consider these questions and utilize these tools to your advantage – which just might mean it’s time to get your life off track.

Susan M.K. Howard is a writer, editor, and communications strategist living in Grand Rapids, MI. She’s a lover of words who understands there’s a time for Shakespeare and a time for slogans. 

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*Always consult with your physician prior to experimenting with any exercises, recipes, health advice and nutrition initiatives shared in this blog.