My Journey To A Healthier Me

Tanya Perri

My Journey To A Healthier Me

I, Tanya Perri, am happy to announce that I am celebrating my 15th day on the Whole30. Yup, I’m half way through my healthy weight loss plan and I’ve learned a lot that I’m excited to share with other busy career professionals. Here we go:

Soups Have Become My New Food “Bestie”: I was struggling with getting veggies on my breakfast plate; but once I started eating soup for breakfast the problem was solved! Lesson? Switch it up.

Mindful Eating Can Be A Little Awkward: I am a type A, fast tracker, multitasker and have eaten every meal I do not eat with my family on the go for years. The Whole30 prescribes eating meals at the table in a relaxed fashion, chewing slowly and thoroughly. Lesson? Slow it down.

It Is Really Hard To Go Without Weighing Yourself For 15 Days: I have weighed myself every morning for longer than I can remember and it is really hard to resist the scale. It has been especially tough for me but, with the support of my family, I’m hoping for big things on day 30! Lesson? Pay attention to non-scale victories and how I feel vs. the number on the scale.

Fruit Is Really Sweet: Before the Whole30 diet, I was on a low carb high protein diet through a weight loss clinic, which didn’t leave much room in its eating plan for fruit. I eat fruit about once a day now and am amazed at how sweet it is. Lesson? Fruit is nature’s dessert.

Potatoes Can Do Anything Bread Can Do, Only Better: I find myself eating potatoes a few times a week and since bread isn’t allowed on the Whole 30, I baked a potato and ate my eggs on it for breakfast. Lesson? Food can be creative and delicious.

Eating By Example Is The Best Way To Get My Kids (And Husband) To Eat Healthier: While my goals were to get to a healthier place, and of course, lose weight, it has been amazing to watch my family’s eating habits get healthier as the days go on. They are even trying foods I never thought they would try. Lesson? I’m a model!

I Can Meal Prep: I have never meal prepped a day in my life and was really nervous about the meal prepping and approached it day by day. Then Hurricane Flo came along, and I was forced to plan ahead. It really wasn’t that hard and I think I may have even saved some money by doing it. Lesson? Planning pays and it doesn’t take too much time to do so.

Busy Professionals Can Commit To Eating Healthier and Losing Weight: I know you are busy and sometimes you feel like you barely have time to eat much less prepare healthy meals for yourselfThere are tremendous resources available and numerous highly qualified coaches for group or individual sessions.

Tanya Perri is a mom, wife, blogger, health nut and self -declared diet expert who has lost over 65 pounds. You can follow her at

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*Always consult with your physician prior to experimenting with any exercises, recipes, health advice and nutrition initiatives shared in this blog.