Turning Within

Turning Within

What treasures lie within

Our fleshy vessel

Bumping and winding

Thru waves of past, present, and future times.


Our precious lifespan – a fragile boundary

Dawning and setting each day

Where are we going?


Moving thru space

Sometimes barely standing on this blue jewel spinning in time

Move inward

Past our senses

Delicate borders shaping our view

Venture inside, beyond these tiny sense windows


Pause …


Rest in a midst of the flurry of coming and going

Can we hear a stillness

Whispering in the gaze of others?


Discover ourselves, still and luminous

A presence sweet and mysterious

Calling forth, awaiting our inner vision.


by John Fulan.

John Fulan is a marriage and family therapist and Buddhist practitioner living in San Diego. His poems can be found at JohnFulan.blogspot.com. All rights reserved. John Fulan


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