Consistency! The one word that every lazy person hates

Nathan Luce

Consistency! The one word that every lazy person hates

Pick a diet or any fitness program. If you stick it out for more than one month you will see results. Life happens and priorities are a must but you can still get your glutes in the gym. 

Get Up and Get Going. For myself and most of my clients, training in the early morning works best! All this pays off when you realize you’re making a positive difference in yourself and in the lives of others. You could be helping people add years to their lifespan or save them from declining health. There are no important phone calls to be made at five o’clock in the morning or any other distractions (social media) that could turn into excuses for not training. 

Get Your Game Face On. Be realistic with what works for you and not all the fitness models on Instagram. Motivation is key and finding healthy life coaches that inspire you is very important, especially on low caloric days where getting out of bed is a struggle, but hang in there and try not to get too consumed in the detail. Move more and eat less!

Grow Your Discipline. Consistency builds discipline and disciplined actions done consistently create success. Quit making it up. Come up with a consistent, disciplined approach to your life. Lay your life out this week with some consistency. Start with today. Successful people don’t change their approach unless it doesn’t work—they only change to change with conditions.

Go Beyond the Gym. James Altucher’s golden rule states “work towards your goal 1% every day.” This 1% rule is the fundamental building block of habit-forming consistency. A consistent approach starts with getting consistent in your day-to-day operations. If a particular approach doesn’t work and you keep changing it, then you’ll think nothing works. Come up with an approach and be consistent with it until you’re sure which parts of it don’t work.

Nathan Luce is a Certified NASM personal trainer. He does not just dish out exercise orders; he firmly believes personal trainers save lives. Over the years, he has worked with a wide variety of clients, identifying their goals and writing personalized programs. Due to his injury rehabilitation or work with special conditions, he has an understanding of anatomy, physiology, and corrective exercise.

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*Always consult with your physician prior to experimenting with any exercises, recipes, health advice and nutrition initiatives shared in this blog.