Healthy Hustle: 30 Minutes Versus 10,000 Steps

Healthy Hustle: 30 Minutes Versus 10,000 Steps

As you probably have heard before, a trending healthy lifestyle activity is getting your 10,000 steps a day. Your 10,000 steps are roughly five miles, which can be tough for those who don’t have the time. Walking just one mile can take quite a while depending on your pace, let alone five. So, what’s the solution? Recent studies have shown that three ten-minute brisk walks a day is equivalent, if not more effective, than getting those steps in!

How do we know this?

Professor Rob Copeland from Sheffield Hallam University ran a research study with two groups. The first group was asked to get their 10,000 steps each day, and the second group, known as the “Active 10” group, was asked to take three ten-minute brisk walks a day. Copeland’s research showed that although the second group was not walking as far as the first group, they were doing 30% more moderate to vigorous activity compared to the first group, which is more beneficial than lower intensity exercise.

So, how can we fit these brisk walks into our busy work schedules? Think about where you park to get to your work. Can you find a spot that is roughly ten minutes away? This action alone will give you two of your three walks! Another time to fit in our third walk is during lunch, or any other breaks you are allotted during the day. I have also found that employees who go on these walks together are more consistent and have more fun doing it! My advice to you?

Grab a coworker and get walking!

Alyse Johnson, BS, ACSM CPT is a personal trainer with the University of Michigan. She also works with a variety of clients throughout Southeast Michigan promoting, creating and maintaining healthy lifestyles. 

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