Release, Recharge, and Renew Your Energies

Cristina Barcelo

Release, Recharge, and Renew Your Energies

We live in harmony when our energies are balanced. Whether it is at our workplace, the environment that surrounds us, or in our personal lives, we are constantly exposed to stress. As a result of these outside forces, we get unbalanced and unable to release the accumulated tension. That is why it’s important to take a pause and release, recharge, and renew your energies.

  1. Release: The first step to release the accumulated unwanted energy is to write down anything or anyone that drains you. Then, write down if there is any unwanted emotion you wish to break away from, such as envy, resentment, anger, etc. Ask yourself why do you feel this way? What could you do to make it better? Allow yourself a moment to breathe and go over what you wrote. Now, it’s time to let it go by reading out loud each unwanted item and adding an affirmative statement, for instance, “I release you from my life,” at the end of each sentence. Breathe deep and give yourself a moment to process how you feel now. End this process by taking a moment to visualize how your life would look if you let go of each thing you wrote.
  2. Recharge: The next step is to recharge your energy. The easiest way to do this is by engaging in an activity that revitalizes you. Write a list of interests that make you become less tense and try to make them part of your routine. I recommend activities such as a hot bath, aromatherapy, listening to music, taking naps, journaling, Reiki, receiving a massage, or meditation.
  3. Renew: The last step is to renew your energy which is where you open up to new possibilities, people, and experiences with a clear mind. The intention is to replace what you released with positive energy that you actually want to have in your life. Going to new places like a yoga class, joining a club, and taking a trip, are great examples of things that can help you with this step.

With great determination and positivity, I have applied these simple steps and seen the results. Many of my clients go through this process and have shared how they are able to live with less stress, enjoy the present, and manage to let go of unproductive things as they arise. I encourage you to do the same or to share it with someone who could benefit from this mental, emotional, and spiritual cleansing.

Cristina Barcelo, RMFTI, TIRF is an energy healer that for over seven years has helped individuals, families, and couples with their healing journey. Her practice consists in facilitating therapy with a holistic approach tailored to each client’s need.  


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