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Avoid The Lure of Distractions

We are living in a society of distractions. Between social media, email interruptions, working in cube farms, work demands, high personal and professional expectations and family obligations, not to mention the demand to be everything to everybody, we have lost our ability to graciously say “no” and turn off the news feed on what everyone […]

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The Path of Work

A carpenter’s steady grip A surgeon’s delicate fingers A plumber’s agile knees A dancer’s nimble feet.   Human beings Equal and unique Following our own calling Being of service Moving along the path of work Encouraging our world Be a saner place.   Let work’s daily routines Transform us all Give of ourselves Shape a […]

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Courage Is Beautiful

Do you ever want something but were afraid to try? Did you ever feel like you needed to speak up but were worried about the consequences? You’re not alone. Fear and courage flip back and forth like switches way too often for our own likes. However, this is a switch that we can control. Choice, […]

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Positive Career Thoughts

The truth is, sometimes we think we are being positive, but we’re not. We may say positive things, but we don’t think them or feel them inside. We may feel happy after a conversation when the other person only hears negativity in our words. I always ask for others to warn me if I’m going […]

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Turning Within

What treasures lie within Our fleshy vessel Bumping and winding Thru waves of past, present, and future times.   Our precious lifespan – a fragile boundary Dawning and setting each day Where are we going?   Moving thru space Sometimes barely standing on this blue jewel spinning in time Move inward Past our senses Delicate […]

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Stress-Free Negotiating

Every day we do a little negotiating. Sometimes we negotiate with ourselves in regards to what we should eat for lunch versus the guilt that comes with the extra calories. We even self-negotiate how we spend our time and negotiate with others on how to move forward in a project or how to prioritize each […]

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Joy Over Expectations

Joy Over Expectations

It seems like everywhere you turn there are expectations heaped upon you. You have those from your family, friends, co-workers, supervisors and your community. You also have high expectations that you heap on yourself to be better, stronger, smarter, more successful, and on and on. And whether you’re ready to admit it or not, you […]

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Strive For Continuous Improvement

You’re pretty awesome. You have achieved greatness in so many areas of your life—career, family, community and beyond. But just because you can look back and be proud of your accomplishments doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t strive for continuous improvement. We all have work to do. According to a study cited in Scientific American, most […]

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