Three Key Elements of Motivation and Success

Three Key Elements of Motivation and Success

Motivation and, ultimately, success are important to all of us busy career professionals who want to stay fit, healthy, well, and productive. Yet, motivation, like physical or mental energy, is limited.

When the clients I’ve coached actively pursue and intentionally choose three key elements of motivation—rest, values, and social support—they see their ‘reserves’ replenished and find themselves more successful in the endeavors they choose. Are you ready to explore and experiment with these key elements yourself?

First, rest: Both quantity and quality of restful sleep matter. Rest may be the crux of our decisions and behaviors since rest (i.e. sleep) changes how our brains function… or don’t. As well, micro-breaks (short rests) throughout the day and week can be refreshing and reenergizing. Some examples include stepping away from a project or computer for a few moments to take a brief walk or to breathe deeply, to encourage a coworker, or to look at photos of your favorite place to vacation or explore as a reminder of your goals.

Next, values: Identify your core values and sources of joy. If you keep these top-of-mind by having them written down in an easy to see location or have a vision board of photos and meaningful words, you can keep your eye on the prize. Often, my clients find themselves most successful when they explore their core values and create goals connected to or related to those values.

Finally, social support: We don’t get anywhere or anything in life alone! The people you spend time with influence your decisions and behaviors, often in ways that are not obvious. Meaningful, inspiring, integrity-upholding social support includes being with people who behave in ways you want to behave, who make decisions that align with your values, and who respect your boundaries while providing accountability in a compassionate way.

Whatever you want to achieve, know that motivation will ebb and flow as your mood and circumstances change. Rest is imperative, values are guiding lights, and social support is crucial to reach the life you aspire to live!

Coach Nicole is a board-certified wellness coach, trained resiliency teacher, health and well-being consultant, mindset explorer and perceptive collaborator who serves as a compassionate resource for individuals, families, businesses and communities.  

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*Always consult with your physician prior to experimenting with any exercises, recipes, health advice and nutrition initiatives shared in this blog.