Dr. Shelley’s Self Fulfillment Flow

Shelley Stockwell-Nicholas, PhD

Dr. Shelley’s Self Fulfillment Flow

How do you get enthralled in healthy rapture? How do you evoke and sustain a natural happy dance of being and doing ecstasy? Research and observation from my 37 years as a hypnosis instructor for the International Hypnosis Federation and The Creativity Learning Institute bring me these helpful hints to learn and teach the FLOW:

Consciously Tag Thoughts: Activate your attention and intention in symbolic and material ways. If a thought is worthy of protection, write it down and put it in your pocket, wallet, purse, jewelry box, or highlight it on your computer. You’ll be more likely to claim, retain, and use it!

One Thing at a Time: Since conflict or too much information overloads perception, take things one thing at a time to iron out conflict.

Be Fully Immersed: Stay in the present while appreciating what you perceive. As you do you, invite the bliss of serenity. Slow down and enjoy… Affirm: I consciously embrace what is happening around and within me. My feelings, other people, the world. I embrace harmony and disharmony. I embrace who I am. I embrace my body. I wrap my arms around everything in my life. Even a brief encounter with the fewest of words or actions can cause pause.

Be in Love: Generously express your love for the essences of this ever-changing, ever-flowing gift. Kindness and caring are benchmarks of merging and exchanging energy with your highest self and with others.

Play and Create: Consider everything you think and do as a joyous creation.

Put Your Foot On the Brake When Needed: If a harsh reality taps you on the shoulder snap to and consider, cogitate, and make clear decisions. THEN step on the gas again and go with the flow.

Enter the Silence: The brain waves of winning chess players, enraptured in their game, show less activity in the region associated with verbalization—the prefrontal cortex. Researchers speculate that silencing mind chatter recorded by the EEG (electroencephalograph) allowed automatic processes to take hold. This may explain why hypnosis, meditation, and prayer evokes the flow. Hypnosis puts mind chatter to rest as you train the brain with sweet refrain. Your subconscious is the doorway and room of zoning.

Soon the flow is sustained as second nature.

Say this hypnotic affirmation/ declaration and let the words make a deep and permanent impression on your inner mind. WIN AFFIRMATION; I DECLARE! “At ease and pleased, I’m in the flow and interested in all I think and do. Everything is perfect and easy… exactly as it is. Sweet spontaneous life unfolds before me here and now. I am the all in all… nothing and everything… My mind drifts off to pleasant scenes in my imagination… I am at peace and harmony…”

Shelley Stockwell-Nicholas, PhD is the President of the International Hypnosis Federation and the author of 23 books including “WIN: Coaching Guide For Yourself and Others” and “Thrive: Medical Hypnosis For Yourself and Others” she invites you to join her Facebook page “free hypnosis- IHF.”

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