Motivate a Fine New Habit

Shelley Stockwell-Nicholas, PhD

Motivate a Fine New Habit

Habits R US! We can’t help it. You go on automatic pilot because your brain is wired that way. What’s your morning routine? Where do you sleep on the bed? Where do you sit? Some habits are utilitarian, practical and wonderful and some are downright limiting. So, if you run into a limiting behavior these five steps will help you hit the reset button and make a better habit.

1. CASCADE CHANGE. Let’s say you want to take morning walks: Ask yourself; “What do I need to think when I awaken so I take morning walks?” “How will I feel having taken a morning walk?” “How will it benefit me to walk in the morning?” “What time will I take the walk?” “Will I do it alone or with someone?”

2. KEEP IT SIMPLE. Make your goal achievable; small changes yield remarkable results. Ask yourself; “How far will I walk this morning?”

3. PLAN AHEAD. What cues will you use to do what you want? For example, if you want to get up and take that walk first thing in the morning you might lay out your walking clothes and shoes the night before to remind you. 

4. ENLIST ASSISTANCE. You don’t have to go at it alone. Will you take your dog for the walk? Will you get your partner to stroll with you? Will you simply listen to the radio or music as you stroll? Support can make new habit formation more fun.

5. BETTER AND BETTER! As your new habit becomes a pattern, continue to build on your positive results. Walk a little farther… Do a little dance… Get down and get out!

Shelley Stockwell-Nicholas, PhD is the President of the International Hypnosis Federation and the author of 23 books including “WIN: Coaching Guide For Yourself and Others” and “Thrive: Medical Hypnosis For Yourself and Others” she invites you to join her Facebook page “free hypnosis- IHF.”

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